The hand that feeds the Nation!

Karflex Fisheries Limited is a company registered and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the 4th of April 2003, with incorporation number RC 366523.

The present registered head office address is 2A Ola Ayinde street, Off Mobolaji Bank Anthony way, Opposite Nigeria Customs Training School, P.O Box 4786, Ikeja, Lagos; with operational bases at NPA Jetty, Kirikiri Phase II, Apapa and 18 Okoduwa street, Kirikiri Town, Apapa, Lagos.

The company was incorporated as an indigenous Nigerian company with a direct focus in industrial and commercial fishing in Nigeria and West Africa involving among others:

  • Industrial and Commercial Fishing
  • Processing and packaging of sea food products for local and foreign sales
  • Production of ice cubes
  • Sales of fish products in local markets through various fish shops and local fish agents


To become a household name in the provision of branded quality sea food products, while also generating an adequate income to better the welfare of our workers, making work meaningful and fulfilling for them while satisfying their physiological safety and social needs.; putting them on the right path to achieving their dreams, goals and ambitions.


To strive at all times to produce and deliver high quality sea foods under the best hygienic conditions while recognizing and rewarding the effort of the work force and other stakeholders as well as striving to attain market leadership in the industry.


  • Customers – we recognize and respect our valued customers to trust our quality products and services. We keep our customers first. They are the reason we are in business. We need to understand and appreciate them to be able to provide them with the highest possible level of excellent services and products.
  • Attention – we give all attention to our customers’ needs, counting on our experience and expertise to give the best service they can ever imagine.
  • Response – our instantaneous response to our customers’ needs and requirements helps in maintaining and retaining our good relationship and we are also committed to continuous (24/7) excellent service delivery to our customers.
  • Excellence – we are always committed to delivering excellent services at all time to our various valued customers.


Our services are borne out of a strong desire:

  • To achieve and sustain continuously, a pride of place in the commanding heights of sea food production and delivery in Nigeria
  • To be a trustworthy corporate entity and provide excellent services in any market we find ourselves. We aim not only to be a market leader in our area of operations; we intend to lead in the utilization of modern and cost effective equipment and technologies.
  • To achieve reasonable profitability. We intend to make the best use of our resources in achieving reasonable profitability thereby ensuring the survival of our company as well as being able to satisfy the company’s different stakeholders.
  • To provide excellent customer care. We are aware that for modern business to survive the stiff competition in the market place, we go extra miles in satisfying our numerous valued customers. We intend to provide added value to our customers in our export products and at our various fish shops nationwide.
  • To be innovative. We shall strive at all times to research into better ways of doing things. We shall encourage innovation within the rank and file of our organization.
  • To be a good corporate citizen. We shall take pride in being a good corporate citizen by obeying the national laws without exception, paying taxes and levies accordingly. We shall also stay away from involving ourselves in anything that may bring our company or the nation to disrepute.
  • To be focused. We intend to remain focused on our core area of competence – sea food production, quality sea food delivery and running a perfect cycle which guarantees availability of our products all year round. We shall do nothing to distract ourselves from the chosen path.


  • Trustworthiness, Loyalty and Service Excellence is our watchword. We expect all our staff to be loyal, honest and trust worthy to the company and the company’s valued customers in their dealings at all time. Management shall endeavour to reciprocate this by trusting their judgments.
  • Hard work and Perseverance shall be adequately rewarded. We expect all our staff to excel in the discharge of their duties and assignments.
  • Total Quality Management shall always be our priority at all times. We shall endeavour to maintain good quality services, and display high level of professionalism in all our operations.
  • Modesty shall guide our activities. We shall shun ostentation show off, and unnecessary display of wealth. We expect our staff to be modest even in their dressing and comportment.
  • Our people constitute our most cherished assets. We respect and appreciate them for they are the blood and strength on which the company survives. It is our policy to take interest in every employee. Without our employees, we can achieve nothing as we recognize that human being is the prime mover of all things. We shall do all things humanly possible to take care of our employees’ interests at all times. You should not hesitate to discuss problems with your director, supervisor or reporting officer and ask, if necessary, that these be escalated to higher-level management. Our success rests largely on the quality, dedication and integrity of our people.
  • Customer Care: we keep our customers first. They are the reason we are in business. We need to understand and appreciate them to be able to provide them with the highest possible level of service.
  • Fairness and fear of God in all our undertakings.